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  • Daily care of your dog - Your dog will be learning the basic (or intermediate) commands, playing with other dogs, walking, running and relaxing

  • Pet sitting - At your home or our household, individual and unique approaches. Especially when you are leaving for short or long term vacation.
  • Dog hairdressing and trimming - gtooming right at your home or at the dog salon.

  • Dog´s kindergarten, buddy programs - socializing kindergarten suitable for all puppies that have come through the 2 nd inoculation from 8 th – 9 th week to 17 th week of age. Don’t neglect this important phase of your dogs’ life and teach him the elementary communication with his dog colleagues, so you could avoid many troubles in future training.

  • Puppy visits at your home - playing, obedience training, agility training and feeding

  • Training - to make the life with your dog entertaining, but also safe and responsibly, especially while living in a big city.

  • Vet care - with premium enrollment you get free preliminary check, nutrition regulation and total health welfare for your pet

  • HOME VET - for additional info visit http://www.homevet.cz/en/

  • Pet transfer - You don’t own a car, but you need to travel with your animal? Use our service “Taxipes Fík”

  • Home care - It can be after a walk, or anytime during the day – feeding, teeth cleaning, giving medicine and taking care of sick dogs. It is even possible to gift your dog with a massage.

  • We educate the owners

    We approach the dogs individually, knowing that every dog has different needs.

    Travelling with dogs – dogs have fastened seatbelts and the driver are experienced.

    Dog walks - Our motto is individuality, and that is why we walk only one dog at a time. Exception might be a household with more than one dog, or clients’ desire. Our sitters work long term, so they can become friends with your dog and the dog can get used to them. We walk all breeds and types of dogs, either in the area of your choice, or in our favorite areas. After the walk with the dog we can also stay for a little while, feed him, play with him, and eventually give him medicine.

    Life can bring you unexpected events. That’s why you can order short term or unrepeated pet sitting during the weekend or for the night, or a transfer to veterinary emergency.

    Individuality, professional approach, the bet quality of provided services. Pet sitting in your or our household. Your dog will feel great and will not be stressed and scared.

    All of our team members have accomplished first aid course.

    • Dog massage – relaxing, relieving, good for bedsore and muscle atrophy and for dogs with decreased agility

    • Feed supplies delivered to your home.

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