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How does the pet sitting work after I leave?

Pet sitting is happening either in your or our household. We of course provide the client with regular info about the state of his animal and we can also send a photo or a short video, if the client desires.

Do I pay every time after the walk?

No, in the end of the month we will bill you for all the services you use, which will make the payment way easier. You will not have to prepare money every time. We demand a 50% deposit when a long term pet sitting is happening.

How do I tell that running is suitable for my dog?

If you weren’t interested only in dog walks, bud also running, the vet would examine him at the preliminary check. We will decide the right weight for your dog, listen to his heartbeat and airways, and also check the state of his joints and muscles.

My dog is overweight, can I use the offer of weight losing programme under your supervision?

Yes. We will help you and lead you through the whole weight losing process of your pet. Our Vet will recommend the relevant food and schedule a training programme. We will also add many hints to lose weight. The results are being kept in a computer and the progress is being carefully tracked.


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