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Are you leaving for vacation or busines and struggling with  what to do with your pet?

Has your dog gotten sick but you don’t have time to give him the medicine he needs on time?

Do you only  have time  for a short daily walk with the dog, even though you know that your dog deserves more? Or you just cannot walk your dogs in the morning or evening?

Your dog spends all day sleeping, but you know that there are better ways to spend your dogs’ time? We are here to help you.

Getting a puppy? Did you know that until the 17 th week, puppies go through the socializing phase, and the worst you can do is to leave him alone at home for long periods?

Did you know that when your dog is overweight, it’s very challenging for his joints and heart, and he is more inclined to acquire many diseases? Order regular running session with our pet sitter, and use our weight losing programme designed by a vet.

Every animal is unique and it is necessary to approach him individually. Breed is not the only difference, everyone can tell the difference between a  German Sheppard and a Chihuahua, but what about their character? There are not two of the  same Chihuahuas personalities in the whole world. One of them would happily greet you every time, the other one would even attack its’ owner.

That is why we take into account the breed, temperament and state of health of every single dog that we go running or cycling with. Every dog has to attend preliminary check at our vet, where we decide the type of suitable activity for the dog, his state of health, and we also provide our clients with handy pieces of advice about nutrition and other tricks

We use safe leashes for our walks.

We ensure giving medicine to sick animals and taking care of them. Everything is done under the supervision of a veterinary surgeons’ supervision.

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